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Episode 35 - Scorpio Sun as Sect Light - Sam Reynolds

Episode 35 - Scorpio Sun as Sect Light - Sam Reynolds

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Hi, and welcome to the 'Luminaries In and Out of Sect' podcast, a show about the Sun and how astrologers embody and relate to it. My name is SP Hall and I'm your host.

In today’s episode on the Scorpio Sun as the Sect Light I speak with the astrologer Sam Reynolds.

I’m really excited to be dropping this first episode of my Sun Series, which will continue for the next year. For new listeners, please go back and listen to the Moon series that I’ve been doing over the last year where I spoke to different astrologers about their Moon sign. I was excited to speak with Sam, because he was the first professional astrologer that I got a reading with and in that session he suggested that I do a podcast, which motivated me to start this project. Thanks again for coming onto the show Sam.

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I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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