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Episode 41 - Capricorn Sun as Luminary Out of Sect - Elly Higgins

Episode 41 - Capricorn Sun as Luminary Out of Sect - Elly Higgins

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Hi, and welcome to the 'Luminaries In and Out of Sect' podcast, a show about the Sun and how astrologers embody and relate to it. My name is SP Hall and I'm your host.

In today’s episode on the Capricorn Sun as the Luminary Out of Sect I speak with the astrologer, archivist, and podcast host Elly Higgins.

I’m really excited to be dropping this next episode of my new Sun Series, which will continue for the next year. For new listeners, please go back and listen to the Moon series that I’ve been doing over the last year where I spoke to different astrologers about their Moon sign. This Capricorn Sun episode was particularly important for me, as I also have the Capricorn Sun as my Luminary Out of Sect, so I was really excited for this conversation.

Elly has a great podcast called ‘Star Gays: The Queer Astrology Archives Podcast,’ and just like the series I’m doing, he will be following the Sun over the next year and doing episodes that highlights a famous person with that Sun Sign. He’s just released the first episode of that series where he talks about Susan Sontag, a writer and intellectual that we talk a little bit about in both Capricorn Sun episodes. She wrote one of my favorite book of essays that I found before I actually became a student of astrology, which has the auspicious title ‘Under the Sign of Saturn.’ The book contains an essay with the same name that’s about one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century, Walter Benjamin, and his off-beat, melancholic nature and Saturnian way of thinking, intentionally subscribing to older ways of thought and comportment, shunning the fashions of his time. I’ve provided a link to that book as well as Elly’s podcast in the show notes, so please give it a listen.

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I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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