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Episode 43 - Famous Aquarius Suns with Anna Astronaut Pants, Joli/Bodhi Mindful, Nicola Allen, Solar Simone, Héloïse the Social Astrologer

Episode 43 - Famous Aquarius Suns with Anna Astronaut Pants, Joli/Bodhi Mindful, Nicola Allen, Solar Simone, Héloïse the Social Astrologer

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Hi, and welcome to the 'Luminaries In and Out of Sect' podcast, a show about the Sun and how astrologers embody and relate to it. My name is SP Hall and I'm your host.

In today’s episode we are doing something a little bit different than our regular Sun Series. I put out a call on social media for Aquarius Suns that would like to come onto the podcast to have a more casual conversation about the placement and to look at the charts of famous Aquarius Suns. As we are looking in depth at a lot of charts, I would suggest watching the video version of this episode on my YouTube channel, but if you are unable or unwilling to do that, I made an effort in this episode to at least spell out the important placements in each of these people’s charts as we talked about them. 

If you do watch the episode on YouTube, I’d ask that you please like, subscribe, comment, and do all that fun stuff. I’m not sure if I will continue to do more episodes like this for other signs, but we will see how kind of feedback and engagement this one gets.

I was really honored to be joined today by five really lovely people and astrologers: Anna Astronaut Pants, Joli/Bodhi Mindful, Nicola Allen, Solar Simone, Héloïse the Social Astrologer. Together we talked about the charts of Christian Dior, Shakira, Judy Blume, Megan Thee Stallion, and Michael Jordan. I think this conversation displayed the diversity of the way that this placement can show up in a birth chart and in a native’s life, as well as commonalities that can arise between natives with this Sun Sign.

These astrologers are all doing some great work right now. I wanted to plug Simone’s YouTube, as she’s done some really cool videos on there, especially talking about TV, film, and astrology.

I’ve linked Héloïse’s course on the Lunar Nodes and eclipses that we discuss in this episode. In addition she has a lot of great blog posts on her website, one of which we also mention in this episode.

Nicola recently put out an oracle deck, which is really cute. I really like the illustrations! Nicola and I recently had a conversation on Twitter where she shared the interpretation of my natal’s Sun’s decan from the deck’s guidebook, which I thought was really intriguing, so I’d definitely check that out in the show notes if you are interested.

In addition, I’ve linked Joli’s and Anna’s websites in the show notes. Joli also has some interesting talks linked in their linktree, and I’ve also provided a link to The Association of Young Astrologers, an organization to which Anna is the treasurer. They occasionally give talks, a few of which I’ve attended and gotten a lot out of, so definitely look into being a member of you are interested.

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I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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