Natal Consultation Testimonials

My consultation with you was great. Even though we had just met, it was a lot like having a conversation with a friend. Your intuition really opened up parts of my chart I had never considered before. Your style also really encourages active participation with your client, which made the consultation feel more participatory. Like we were doing astrology together.

My consultation with SP was amazing!!! full of sag energy :) i’m so grateful to him for being so thoughtful in discussing my life experience, including struggles, with empathy and compassion. he was able to talk about the specific items/questions i had and wanted to focus on and was able to skillfully highlight their presence in my chart and show how my chart is moving through me. i also really appreciated his practical advice and ways to work with and understand the energy in my chart! as a student of astrology myself i was blown away my his technical knowledge and look forward to future consultations!

I had the privilege to sit down for a reading with SP and it was an incredibly thorough and insightful experience. SP used several techniques to deliver a clearly well-researched consultation. I appreciated the care and dedication he put into his work, even taking the time to calculate the 'lord of hidden knowledge,' which I know was very time-consuming process, upon my request. Overall, the consultation has given me a new perspective on areas of my chart that had previously been hard to access for me. I would highly recommend SP to anyone seeking a very thorough chart reading.

It was wonderful to find meaning through the exploration of different traditional approaches that shed light to different aspects of my general and current experience. I deeply appreciate the empathy, kindness and thoroughness through the consultation. The techniques and insights shared provided meaningful advice and help me reframe my experience in order to understand it better. The consultation gave me clarity, confidence and reassurance. I'm thankful because I felt listened, understood and guided. I value the care you put into your work and the way you don't just push information, but thread a meaningful experience fostering dialogue.

"SP is extraordinarily thorough, employing several techniques to deliver well researched and deeply thought out consultations. He is wonderfully approachable and humble enough to seem just as happy to be along for the ride, all while being the one explaining the ship of your life. And despite the depth of information, SP is able to break down lofty concepts into accessible archetypes. I would highly recommend getting a reading from SP, especially if you’re looking to receive beyond an introductory chart reading. He was able to shed new light in familiar areas of my chart, and provide fresh perspective I’d never heard in other consultations."

"I had the pleasure of having my natal chart read by SP Hall, an incredibly kind and thoughtful astrologer who went above and beyond in helping me understand the different parts of my life. Through SP’s expert knowledge of various astrological traditions, including Hellenistic, Medieval Islamicate, and modern astrology, he was able to identify serious traumas in my past and provide insights into how other planetary placements could help me overcome these challenges. I was impressed by his breadth of knowledge and ability to communicate complex astrological concepts in a clear and accessible way. I would highly recommend this astrologer to anyone seeking greater insight into their own life journey."

“SP’s jovial nature comes across through his consultation style: curious, thoughtful, initiatory and conversational. I enjoyed so much of the time we spent together poring over our chart, that I realised he reflected some aspects and placements that I haven’t paid much attention to before, and helped me sit with them in order to gain a better understanding of how they play in my life. My time with SP was one of sitting with a true professional who recognises their roots, pays particular attention to the client’s lived experience, and initiates into traditional techniques with kindness and respect. Additionally, it was so important to see how he worked 1:1 in a client setting and how that compared to his work on the wonderful ‘Luminaries In and Out of Sect,’ and the synchronicities between the two and how seamless it felt to work with him. I highly recommend working with SP— whether that means seeing them 1:1 or listening to their podcast— he’s one to watch!”

"Upon our meeting, we gracefully greeted one another and shared our sentiments of being excited to share time with one another and practice or hone our blade of praxis of the divine art of ASTROLOGY!

I lead with my reading, and I immediately realized that I am really a feirce and headstrong aries, as I was jumbling and discordant at some parts (possibly due to nervousness from chicory coffee) But S.P was more than happy to recieve me and my words, and we had a great first hour going over his chart and sharing insight that, I felt heavily resonant with a warm hearth.

In the next hour, S.P began his turn to read, and immediately I noticed how put together and organized his style is, and also how enthusiastically he was to dive into my nativity. This amplified the arian high I was feeling, and I was lead by spirit to open up honestly, as this is a practicioner who takes his craft with great devotion, knowledge and understanding. We went over occult knowledge of my chart, and I was glad to answer, especially on topics that are difficult or more encumbering in my life. I loved the spreadsheet usage, and the teachings of Dr. Ali A Olomi being utilized, this was a first for me. I am so grateful to have spent a near three hours with SP. and I recommend that you consult with him soon before he becomes a popular and leading traditional astrologer in our field! I believe that with my whole heart, I believe S.P has greatly opened up the channels of my heart through his kind, patient and expansive presentation! The usage of technology of computer charts, spreadsheet, ZOOM functions and image sharing was top tier, and I had learned so much from our trade, I think S.P is a powerhouse and great friend here to teach us all something about ourselves and about how we face the world with divination, philosophy, wisdom, and leading with the heart!"

Yeah-Ahead Consultation Testimonials

SP provided deep insights into my year ahead and I appreciated that we had a dialogue about what resonated with me throughout the reading. Highly recommend if you are looking for a deeper understanding of your year ahead using Arabic Lots and timing techniques.

From the very beginning of our session, SP's impressive breadth and depth of astrological knowledge combined with his thoughtful and empathetic approach was such a joy to experience! He delivered an incredibly detailed analysis for my Year Ahead consultation using a truly wide variety of techniques to create a stacked testimony of recurring themes of the year that were being highlighted across different methods e.g. Lord of the Turn, Profections, Great Years, Solar and Monthly Revolutions, Temperament, Lots, and more. I'm a visual learner so having the spreadsheet with his organised colour-coded notes on the consult is SUCH a god send; makes it very easy to follow along and also process the info when coming back to study it post-session. As I'm interested in studying astrology, SP also kindly offered the option to explain the 'how' behind his findings (concepts, techniques etc.) which I found so invaluable! He also makes sure to thoroughly engage you along the journey in a patient and understanding way so I felt like I was in very safe and knowledgeable hands. Very easy to talk to. As I am a few months into my current Solar Return year, it was also endlessly fascinating to see how accurately my inner and external experiences of the year so far have been reflected in the consultation! It was so reassuring to feel like my experiences and feelings were being validated, and like I can take these learnings to face the rest of the year ahead with more confidence than before. Thank you to SP for an amazing session and I'm looking forward to booking another one with him in the future! 10/10 recommend 😊

I was blown away by the thoroughness and care with which you approached this consultation. You were more prepared than any astrologer I've worked with and broke things down in a way that not only allowed me as an astrologer to appreciate, but for me as a client to understand, assimilate, and apply to my world. 10/10 will book again.

Horary Consultation Testimonials

As a student of astrology, I appreciated SP's clear, concise delineations. As a querent, I was impressed by his willingness to go deeper and explore some of the ambiguities of my horary chart. Time definitely proved him correct on that, too, as it turns out he really got the nuances of the situation, more than I even knew!

I have reached out to SP on two occasions (I'm sure there will be more) to answer Horary questions for me. SP has earned my trust through his honesty and frankness in answering the questions and giving the reasoning behind his conclusions. He has been open to learning if and when his prediction comes to fruition. It's not easy to give an answer someone may not want to hear but SP does it with empathy and kindness. Thank you SP!

SP gave me a horary consultation on my career.

My inquiry was whether I should focus *all* of my energy on a potential job opportunity that seemed perfect for me and where I had received outstanding feedback during each interview.

The company’s lengthy interviewing process made me a bit weary. And I couldn’t decide if I should continue with the extensive and time consuming interview prep for this seemingly perfect opportunity, OR if I should give this potential role the same amount of time and attention I was giving to all other roles I was interviewing for.

SP took the time to understand my question, and answered it in detail. He not only gave me the reading, but shared how he had reached his conclusion. At the end, he explained that based on the horary chart, it didn’t seem as if I would be getting this role. It might even seem like I really would; But at the end, nothing would come to fruition.

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear since everything seemed aligned for this role to be mine. But the reading gave me the guidance I needed, and allowed me to reassess my emotions on the topic. After the consultation, I made sure to focus more on other potential roles.

Since I was already deep in the interviewing process with this company, I still went ahead with the rest of the interviews. After 3 months & with the final culture interview done, the recruiter asked for a good starting date and hinted I should be getting an offer letter soon.

For a moment, I thought SP had perhaps made a mistake reading my chart. But then, to my [non]-surprise, I received an email from the recruiter and hiring manager letting me know they had just found out the company had gone on a hiring freeze.

I’m grateful for getting this consultation. Although it gave me an answer I did not want, it allowed me to pivot my strategy which saved me tons of time and frustration.

I got a horary with SP in March to find my lost passport before I travel internationally! He really guided me step by step through his technical process, so I could understand my circumstances and why the horary was answering my question the way it was. SP said my mom or a maternal figure would be the one to find it. This element of it being "up high" and "down low" "between 2 things" and in a potentially moist environment. My mom found it when she was cleaning out the garage. It was in a box up high on a shelf, it was below a shoe box and inside of my wallet! I live in a humid city - so the garage is definitely a moist environment, haha! Thank you SP for your help!

SP was an amazing experience & choice for the first horary reading of mine. SP walked me through the astro trail of the question at hand and was able to give clear & concise delineations in doing so. SP made me understand all my options at hand in pertaining to what I had asked. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.